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+234 805 249 6025
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About Marked Engineering

Marked Nigeria Limited is a leading consultant and a championing construction company offering efficacious/integrated solutions to everyday challenging civil engineering problems. We specialize in incubating efficient solution in executing simple and complex construction works. We ensure that our team is comprised of the correct/appropriate technical expertise to ensuring efficacious solutions.

The company utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to achieve excellent quality, innovation and efficiency in construction; thanks to her consultancy abilities. Core competence and serviceability return checks covers all project phases including planning, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and operation for all projects. (infrastructure, building projects, factory, industries, etc.). Marked Nigeria limited is keen with efficiency and timely project execution; Our subsidiaries and partners add synergy that few companies can boast of. We are innovate, dynamic and pride in our ability to uphold industry standards and code(s) of practice.